ISO 18119:2018 + A1:2021

On 1st January 2023 the new Standard for inspecting & testing of diving and breathing gas cylinders comes into full effect. The previous Standards BS EN ISO 1968:2002 and BS EN ISO 1802:2002 will be superseded by this new Standard and will no longer be valid Standards to work to. IDEST Centres must be assessed to this new Standard by 1st January 2023, or cease operating as an approved IDEST Centre. This assessment can be done through a normal triennial inspection or a ‘Transition’ Inspection’.

A Transition Inspection can be done through an email communication, providing your inspector with all the necessary documentary evidence that you are complying to the new Standard. Contact your IDEST Inspector for information and clarification as to how to comply. There are only FOUR WEEKS remaining.

Alistair Reynolds – on behalf of IDEST

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