IDEST Accreditation

IDEST are a certification body accredited to ISO/IEC 17024:2012 to provide certification of persons.


During the 1970s and 80s it was seen that diving cylinders were not being tested and it was realised that there was the possibility that divers, and more probably the cylinder fillers, could be injured or killed.

Mike Todd and a group of other prominent divers who shared the same concerns, formed the Inspectorate for Diving Equipment Servicing & Testing in 1985 with the aim of improving diver safety through cylinder testing. However, it was discovered that some test centres were not testing cylinders properly. In fact, in some cases, the cylinders were cursorily looked at and stamped with no checking of cylinder condition or valve thread form.

It soon became obvious that more people were needed to inspect the growing number of Test Centres that wanted IDEST certification.

Because of the increase in the number of certified Test Centres, IDEST now has approved inspectors that cover the entire country and some overseas locations.

Technicians are currently assessed in their work place, together with an examination of the relevant documentation. The necessity for certain types of equipment means that Test Centre facilities are assessed at the same time as the Technicians, for suitability.

All procedures must follow a Code of Practice and IDEST CP11:2022 is used as that standard. This IDEST website shows a list of certified Test Centres, their contact details, email and website addresses.
IDEST produces a series of Technical Information Sheets and these are available on request from the Administration Office or are downloadable from this IDEST website. They cover a variety of topics including PPE, calibration sheets, O2 cleaning of diving cylinders, thread gauges classes, etc. Any time advice and guidance is sought, an email or telephone call will bring a quick response.

An extensive assessment is made by UKAS each year and IDEST is further accredited for this current year to ISO/IEC 17024:2012. Details may be gained from the UKAS website – Certification Bodies / 0248

IDEST Commitment to Impartiality & Diversity



Meet The Team

The IDEST Scheme Committee currently consists of ten volunteer members and one member of staff. These are representatives from the diving industry, manufacturers and experts with years of diving experience. Their role is to manage IDEST and its many facets, for IDEST-certified Inspection & Test Centres and their technicians, as well as to promote safe diving through cylinder testing to the diving community.

Dave Crockford


Dave took over the role of Chairman from Neil Minto on 1st December 2021. Dave comes from a background of building and civil engineering but has had a diving interest since his first dives in Cyprus in 1961-64. He is a BSAC National Instructor and was a member of BSAC Council. He was instrumental in helping SITA with the first mixed gas filling procedure along with the help of Mike Harwood from HSE. 

He was regularly used as a test dive subject at DDRC in the 1980s and in 1990 took on the engineering at DDRC until 2000.  His interest in technical diving was initiated by the embryonic re-breather testing to 200m+ that he undertook at DDRC for Carmellan Research. He ran Technical Diving International (TDI) in Europe and later joined Professional Scuba Association (PSAI) managing UK and Scandinavia.

Dave can be contacted on :
01752 872342

Alison Crockford

Administration & Finance Management

Alison has carried out administrative roles for both TDI/SDI and PSAI UK & Scandinavia in the Technical Diving scene alongside Dave since 1999.  All of this whilst holding down the role as Senior Manager of a large care home off the Devon coastline, overlooking Burgh Island. She is used to working to and chasing standards, paperwork whilst in all these differing roles. Maintenance of ISO 9001: 2015 as Audit Manager with PSAI and meeting Health & Social Care standards for Care Quality Commission.

Now she has retired from these prior roles, Alison has time to help Dave push to enhance systems and ensure IDEST meets its obligations to UKAS through ISO 17020 and ISO 17024.

You will find Alison will be relentless and on your case if you are late with paperwork as a centre or Inspector; you have been warned!

Alison can be contacted on: 
07534 148108

Neil Minto C.Eng MIET

Chief Engineer/Inspector

Neil took over the role of Chief Engineer from Mike Todd back in 2010. Living in the North East, Neil has been with the organisation since 1998. He is a BSAC Advanced Instructor, BSAC First Class Diver and has been diving for over 50 years.


Neil can be contacted on :
07976 930266

Alistair Reynolds


Alistair has been working for IDEST since 1998. He took a short break during lockdown due to family commitments.  He is a BSAC National Instructor, had a diving business for 18 years and was BSAC Technical Manager from 2000 until he retired in 2010.

Alistair is also currently in charge of IDEST merchandising and website.  His other role is to manage IDEST Limited, the training arm of IDEST.

Alistair can be contacted on
07917 091366

Mike Collins


Mike has been an inspector with IDEST since 2012 and looks after the centres in the South and Wales. He is a qualified BS 5750 assessor, BSAC Advanced Instructor, a factory trained Bauer Kompressoren engineer, and was QA Manager for UWI. Mike has worked for over 30 years in manufacture and servicing of diving related equipment ranging from aqualungs to submersibles. He has been diving for over 46 years and instructing for 44 years. Mike worked offshore in the early 70s with Vickers Oceanics and later joined UWI as product manager for Bauer compressors. He later formed his own company Airtech, which specialised in the installation and maintenance of breathing air systems, the manufacture of gas mixing panels and the installation of test equipment. Mike was instrumental in IDEST’s re-accreditation to ISO/IEC 17024:2012 in 2015, writing the submission document for the organisation.

Mike can be contacted on :
01420 588484

Jack Ingle


Jack Ingle started diving in 1980 with the BSAC.  His personal love of diving was wreck diving and instructing.  He swiftly moved into deep diving, learning about Trimix diving in the late 1980s, in the early days of mixed gas diving, from divers like Billy Deans in the USA.

In 1995, he was asked by the BSAC to write the first Nitrox courses.  These were followed by the Extended Range Diver Course, Gas Blender and Full-Face Mask User Course.  Jack became the BSAC Technical Diving Adviser in 1997.  In the last few years, he has concentrated on Rebreather Technology and has been working with Poseidon to develop the latest Poseidon Mk6 rebreather.

Jack has been a professional Instructor since 1990 and at the forefront of Technical Diver and Instructor training ever since.  He is a BSAC National Instructor and PSAI Mixed Gas Rebreather Instructor and Open Circuit Instructor Trainer.

Jack can be contacted on : 07759 404891

Nick Clark


Based on the central South Coast, Nick recently retired after 30 years working for a Fortune 100 multi-national in design, manufacture and support of life safety products. He has a wide range of industrial experience covering electronic and mechanical engineering, manufacturing, gas detection and quality management, and is a Six Sigma Black Belt. Nick is a BSAC Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor. He is also an IANTD Full trimix CCR diver, rebreather diving regularly in the UK and overseas.

Nick may be contacted on :
07734 545129

Chris Demetriou


Chris has been based in Cyprus for over 20 years and has extensive experience in the operation of dive centres, cylinder testing workshops and hyperbaric facilities.
He has been an instructor trainer for over 15 years with both TDI and DAN and has been involved in training the Cypriot Marine Police and Air Wing in CCR and Advanced Wreck training. He has worked closely with DAN in Cyprus, Poland and Belgium on diver safety and has trained hyperbaric chamber operators and tenders.
In 2009 he became a technical auditor for the Cyprus Standard Office and has been involved in the inspection and certification of diving centres wishing to become compliant with ISO 24803 standard in readiness for the new Cypriot diving law.
Chris can be contacted on: +357 99 560366

Mike Wall


Mike has had an impressive career in the maritime industry, starting as a marine engineer apprentice and rising to become a Chief Engineer. He holds multiple certifications and degrees related to shipping and maritime studies. Throughout his career, he has gained extensive experience in various areas, including lecturing, technical superintendence, hull, machinery and cargo surveying, and marine consultancy.

Mike is a highly respected professional known for his expertise and hands-on approach. He is actively involved in the industry, contributing to maritime publications and conducting training seminars. He has authored numerous training modules, shipping-related books, and serves as Course Director for various distance learning courses.

As a qualified mediator and dispute resolver, Mike has successfully handled shipping-related mediation. He holds memberships and fellowships in RINA and is a Chartered Engineer. Overall, Mike is a dedicated and knowledgeable figure in the maritime field with an impressive track record.

Mike can be contacted on: +66 80 572 6069

Bob Findlow

Scheme Committee

Bob is the Managing Director of Robin Hood Watersports and has been an IDEST Scheme Committee member for many years. He is a BSAC First Class Diver and has been diving for 50 years.

Christian McKenna

Scheme Committee

Director of Obsequio Test Centre.

Bio to follow soon

Martin Nettleton

Scheme Committee

Martin is the director of ‘gunsmithing’ at East Anglian Gunsmith, a company he set up in 2016.

Martin started diving in 2006 with Diveline and got to PADI Master Scuba Diver.  Back then, Diveline needed a new work shop manager and Martin took on the role, servicing regulators and testing cylinders.

Martin’s 40 years of designing and making PCP air guns is invaluable experience for IDEST to make the gun industry safe.

Steve Gibson

Scheme Committee

Steve’s first dives were in the 1980’s.  Steve worked in the Motor Trade for 26 years in all aspects of vehicle repairs, sales and servicing.  He moved onto to opening Sunderland Scuba Centre 7B in 2005.

Steve is  a PADI Master Instructor and has a team of instructors working for the centre.  Steve moved into the gun market and sells and services many makes of airguns/firearms etc.

Sunderland Scuba Centre is also an IDEST Limited Training Centre and IDEST Test Centre, testing cylinders and servicing most regulator makes.

Neil Brock

Scheme Committee

Neil began diving in 1972 with a local BSAC club and moved into commercial diving in 1981. Neil and his wife moved into recreational diving in 1995 opening a small dive shop that they built up over the years. They have a broad spread of experience in the diving industry, ranging from having opened NDAC in 2003, to currently acting as diving consultants for the BBC. His business, Bristol Channel Diving Services Ltd, IDEST No 5B, is an approved IDEST Ltd and HSE Training Centre, able to provide training for commercial diving and all  IDEST Ltd training courses.